Consulting & Services

Lab-on-a-Chip development

The TUW CellChip group has over 20 years expertise in the development of biosensors and lab-on-a-chip systems for biomedical applications. We provide knowhow on design, fabrication and testing of diagnostic systems, microfluidic devices and bioassays to facilitate the rapid translation of innovative ideas and concepts into market-ready devices.

We offer (a) advice on microfluidic related issues, (b) on-site training in microfluidics fabrication and handling, and (c) initial proof-of-concept studies.

Since live-cell microarrays and organ-on-a-chip technologies facilitate the development of pharmaceutical compounds, nanotoxicology screening efforts and clinical/ companion diagnostics, we also engage into technology transfer activities.

Development of customized microfluidic solutions

From idea to functional prototype in less time and reduced costs

The CellChip Group consists of an interdisciplinary team of scientists including electrical and mechanical engineers, chemists, material scientists, biologists, physicists and biotechnologists that jointly address any lab-on-a-chip issues.

We perform feasibility studies, microfluidic simulations, design optimizations and training in microfluidic handling for internal and external partners.

As an example, the CellChip Group provides expertise and know how to SAICO Biosystems KG, which offers business to business (B to B’) transactions for its customers and development partners.

We have filed the following for IPR protection:

• “Mechanobiology“ filed June 2018
• “Multicellular spheroid“ filed June 2018
• “Method and adapter to test tensile and shear strength by applying pressure for microfluidic composite manufacturing process technologies“ filed 2018
• “Microfluidic device for applying pressure to a cell assembly“ filed 2018
• Ertl, P; Jenner, F.; Rosser, J.; “Cartilage-on-a-chip” EP 17187267.4 was filed on the 22nd of August 2017
• “Microfluidic devices and methods for modulating the oxygen content of cell cultures and microorganisms” Austrian priority Patent Application filed 2017
• Ertl, P.; Sticker, D.; Lechner, S.; “Method and device of mechanically inducing wounds of defined areas within confluent cell layers” EU Patent Appl. EP16165229.2 filed April 2016
• Ertl, P.; Lepperdinger, G.; Steinkühler, J.; Gassner, R. “Biosensor for monitoring bone healing”.  EU Patent Appl. EP3189775 A1 filed Feb. 2016
• Hayden, O.; Tedde, F.; Roppert, K.; Ertl, P. “Cell monitoring by means of scattered light measurement” PCT WO 2011/160866 A1;
• „Zellüberwachung mittels Streulichtmessung“, German Patent Appl. 2010P11092 DE filed Sept 2010.

SAICO Biosystems

SAICO is a Vienna-based company founded in 2017 that focuses on the microfabrication of biosensors and lab-on-a-chip systems for biomedical applications. We facilitate the rapid translation of academic innovations into industrial production of diagnostic tools for personalized medicine.
Our core competence is the rapid and cost-efficient generation of functional prototypes needed to reduce the development time from initial idea to market-ready devices.