The research group

Our research interests include the development of (bio)assays and lab-on-a-chip systems for the multilevel sensing of in vitro & in vivo tissue structures.

An important aspect of our research is concerned with the heterogeneous integration of micro- and nanosensors, miniaturized fluid handling systems and electronic components to establish higher level system architectures needed for automated organ-on-a-chip systems.


New Book Chapter in Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology

Check out our chapter: Emerging Biosensor Trends in Organ-on-a-Chip    

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Online EuroOoC in Graz!

We are now all together at our conference hotel in Graz and participate online in the EuroOoC! We are looking forward for Barbara's and Sarah's talk!

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New FFG Project – Transcell – Transport lebender 3D Zellkulturen mittels Biochip

We are looking forward to our new FFG project Transcell (how to ship 3D living cell culture) with our partners from SAICO and MedUni Graz.

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Livestreaming Annual EUROoCS Conference 2020

Our whole group will go to Graz in a fine conference hotel to recreate a conference atmosphere and live stream the EUROOoCs!  

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New publication in: Osteoarthritis and Cartilage

A human joint-on-a-chip as alternative to animal models in osteoarthritis Molecular mechanisms of OA onset and progression are still poorly understood. Standard in vitro models as well as animal models…

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The CellChip Group is part of the Austrian Cluster of Tissue Regeneration.

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Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Ertl is the spokesperson for the Austrian Microfluidics Initiative.